Bathtub enclosures

Dec 19, 2012 Frameless Shower glass doors, Frameless Shower glass screens, Frameless Shower glass enclosures,

Our frameless glass bathtub enclosures are aesthetically superior to any other tub shower door solution. The frameless glass bathtub enclosures are highly durable and look very elegant. The bathtub frameless screen allows more light to come through. The frameless look makes the bathroom appear larger and more elegant. We design our bathtub frameless enclosures with the highest quality materials and they are stronger and durable, yet clean and frameless. They are maintenance free and are custom designed to perfectly fit your needs.

People have different preferences as to whether having a shower stall or bathtub is better. Sometimes both are suitable, depending on the space that you are working with.

If you have a small bathroom , the frameless shower stall is an ideal solution as you will thus use space maximally. The significantly less water consumption is also an advantage to having a frameless shower stall.

On the other hand, the classic bathtub is perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Bathtubs are great if you are looking to add a bit of a luxurious feel to your bathroom, however this can definitely be achieved with a framaless glass shower stall just as well. Your choice of bathtub or shower stall is a matter of style, but also a matter of space.

Contemporary lifestyle and limited space usually suggest that you should opt for frameless glass screens.

At MV Glass Point we can offer you the best design for frameless glass bathtub enclosure.

A few of your options are :

-the elegant and classy Frameless Glass European Style Desing

-the fully enclosed frameless glass inline design featuring a fix panel and a door hanged on the wall, fixed panel and a door hanged on the glass, two doors..two fixed panels and a door in the middle etc.

-the sliding doors frameless bathtub enclosure-this is the best option space wise. It offers the same clean and great frameless look and saves space at the same time. Every bathroom looks neat and elegant with a frameless glass bathtub screen.




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