Neo angle shower glass screens

Dec 19, 2012 Frameless Shower glass doors, Frameless Shower glass screens, Frameless Shower glass enclosures,


Our Neo angle frameless glass screens are your best choice if you are working with a limited space in you home, yet want to make it look elegant and out together.

Neo Angle is a great space saver

Neo Angle offers the same clean and flawless design

We custom design the Neo Angle frameless showers to perfectly fit your taste and needs.

Our expert designers and installers have a lot of experience with all sizes and shapes of frameless glass shower screen panels. They are highly skilled in making neat, clean and waterproof corner joints with all angles that your home offers. We guarantee that your glass shower corners will look flawless and you wont be able to see any ugly and unevenly applied silicon. It will never leak or drip, no matter how close the water stream is from your shower glass.


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