Inline shower glass doors

Dec 19, 2012 Frameless Shower glass enclosures, Frameless Shower glass screens, Frameless Shower glass doors,

The inline frameless shower doors come in different styles and designs, while keeping the complete frameless look. For inline frameless glass doors you can choose from our large assortment of glass that we offer ( clear,frosted, rain - just to name a few) You will be choosing the finish for the hardware that best suits your taste, and will match any hardware already installed in your bathroom.

The Inline Frameless shower enclosure is the one usually recommended by interior decorators today.This is because they are not only cost-effective but also low- maintenance.

The Inline shower glass doors are beautiful as well as very long-lasting. Also it is very simple and easy to clean and maintain, as there are very few parts that need occasional cleaning.

If you are looking to add to the market value of your house, or simply to spice up the appearance of your bathroom, you will love our frameless shower screens.

The hinges that we use, are only top quality, able to fully support heavy duty tempered glass. This also allow you to open the door inwards, or outwards of your shower. This is extremely efficient in narrower bathrooms, as it gives you the option of having the door open into the shower, allowing it to completely dry after use, without the door taking any of your bathroom space.


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