What Is Tempered ( Safety ) Glass?







Tempered glass also referred to as toughened glass or safety glass is used for most glass fencing, glass railings, glass shower enclosures, storefronts and curtainwalls,frameless glass interior doors & kitchen back splash  applications. It is also used to make stove tops, cookware, tableware & glass furniture.

Toughened glass is made by starting with a standard sheet of float glass  with  the required thickness. The float glass sheet is then prepared, sized & shaped to customers requirements by cutting, drilling of any holes & working the edges of the glass. The edges can be polished, grounded, arrised, bevelled etc. This preparation work can only be done before the tempering process as once the glass has been toughened, it can not be re-worked, meaning it can not be cut, drilled or re-shaped anymore.

The tempering process is when the prepared piece of float glass is laid flat on rollers & fed into a furnace which heats the glass to around 620 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the glass reaches its molten state or melting point. The molten glass is then fed into a quenching chamber where it is rapidly cooled (quenched) with high pressure cool air. This sudden cooling causes the surface of the glass to contract rapidly inducing compressive stresses whilst the centre of the glass remains in tension. As a result of these stresses the glass is toughened .This make the glass way stronger than the same piece of glass before the toughening process. Tempered (safety) glass is also far more resistant to impact stress & temperature changes than normal glass.

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Almost all of us try to check out the most progressive solutions, Including various construction materials offered on the present day market. These progressive solutions are normally linked to such vital factors as high technologies, security and, definitely, aesthetics. Otherwise, our choice of type for exteriors or interiors would totally depend upon our personal needs and inclinations.Those, who want to provide their real-estate with a distinct level of transparency, can now select theframeless glass enclosures  to arrange their living or business setting.

Therefore, introducing the high-quality frameless partition walls into your home or office interiors you might have all the possibilities to extend optically the internal area of your property, while selecting the frameless glass office partitions within your business premises you will be able to supervise the work of personnel.In fact, the frameless glass options are used to create a high-tech type of exteriors and interiors. There’s something futuristic in glass furnishings, that supply a special feeling of immensity, airiness and purity.Besides the quantity of undeniable practical advantages of frameless glass, including durability, functionality, easy cleaning and unrestricted view, the frameless glass walls and various glass elements look very elegant. For instance, frameless glass railings, utilized to encase stairs and open platforms, emphasize the beauty of home design along with the limitlessness of space in the home area. Where as frameless railing glass, installed on terraces or balconies, allows taking away the boundaries between the constructions and its natural area. There’s no doubt that frameless glass enclosures could possibly be the right solution to guarantee the safety of the open spaces positioned above the floor at a height without establishing the visual barriers.

Furthermore, we all know the wide-spread use of frameless glass shower doors, which provide an elegant introduction of shower unit into the bedroom, while sparing lots of space and delivering a beautiful look of interiors.

That’s why when you are hunting for a excellent way to build a harmonious environment around your house or office, deciding on an extraordinary style and superior solutions for office or home design, you must definitely take into consideration an option of custom frameless glass.You are more than welcome to contact us for free consultation, 778 318 6029 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our website does have a live chat - and there are agents available to answer all of the questions you may have regarding the frameless glass.



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