MV Glass Point is Only Authorized Dealer of ShowerGuard Glass in Lower British Columbia

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Vancouver, Canada – Sept. 6, 2014 – Glass shower enclosures and doors offer the epitome of sophistication and MV Glass Point has the distinction of being the only authorized dealer of ShowerGuard glass for the lower mainland in British Columbia, Canada. Customers who purchase a ShowerGuard shower enclosure or door from a registered dealer can receive a $25 rebate.

“We offer free in-home consultations for your frameless shower glass needs,” said MV Glass Point manager, Vera Ruskoff. “We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your purchase and high-tech installation.”
Frameless glass shower doors and enclosures offer functionality and elegance that has multiple advantages over traditional shower materials. The glass is advantageous for small bathrooms to create a sense of spaciousness. MV Glass Point’s frameless showers and doors exude sophistication and offer the means to alleviate design flaws in the home.
The company’s glass shower doors and enclosures encompass a myriad of options. Consumers can choose from clear, coloured, frosted and textured panels to express their personal sense of style in ways that can’t be accomplished with old-fashioned shower enclosures. The specialized process by which the frameless glass is created makes it extremely strong and durable.
One of the most attractive features of frameless glass shower enclosures is its low-maintenance design. ShowerGuard glass at MV Glass Point is the first shower glass manufactured with permanent protection against corrosion and rust, discolouration, and staining. The enclosures contain no crevices, corners or grooves that trap dust, dirt and moisture where mould and bacteria can grow.
The frameless glass shower enclosures are specially sealed to preserve beauty, appearance, and they increase the value of homes for years to come. Frameless glass and doors also provide savings for consumers by taking advantage of available natural lighting, allowing individuals to save on illumination costs and thereby reducing their carbon footprint.
As the only authorized dealer of ShowerGuard glass for the lower mainland in British Columbia, Canada, consumers can have access to a wide variety of frameless glass options at MV Glass Point. The company offers free in-home consultations and a referral program for consumers, along with design services and high-tech installation to ensure each frameless shower enclosure and door provides the personalized look that reflects the client’s aesthetics.
For more information, call Ruskoff at 778 859 6644 or visit MV Glass Point online.

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